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Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Initially I couldn't decide if it was a good idea to write this post,as if it is read,it may upset some people that know me to say hello to.Also it may look like sour grapes to members of my nearest wargames club,especially as it is partly about their show.
 But then I thought I am entitled to an opinion,so what the hell..............
In the last few weeks I have attended two wargames shows, Sheffield Triples and Durham Wargames Open Day.
I attended Triples on the Saturday.
Triples has always been my favorite show,and has always generated a great deal of anticipation for me.
The move to the new venue has tended to temper this excitement,and this year I think its fair to say completely snuffed out any remaining enthusiasm that I had.
Firstly the venue is soulless,and has about as much character as Ed Milliband,[which is pretty bad]
Secondly somebody decided to exploit the parking situation,by charging to park visitors' car,when previously it was free. I'm pretty certain it was only for the Triples weekend by the way.
Hopefully it wasn't Sheffield Wargames Club,but who knows.
Then the entrance fee went up.
Once inside, after a quick whizz around the trade, I went to look at the games,in order to pick up ideas,get inspiration,and generally admire the skill of other wargamers.
 May be its me,but the majority of the games,lacked something. The best game in my view by a country mile was the lads from Ilkley,who put on a lovely Old School game with their own cast Prince August figures.Mark Dudley has got to be applauded just for his enthusiasm,never mind the lovely figures.
Apart from that I thought there was a very good World War two game,with some lovely terrain.
The other games were okay,but just didnt seem to have the sparkle of previous years.

  Bring and Buys generally are dying a death due to Ebay. Punters expect too much for their stuff,and in this day and age buyers,dont want to pay it.
  A bit of an impasse really.The majority of the items for sale,didn't look worth the asking prices.
  I think the way ahead,is to barter,like the York shows set up.

The actual competition which used to be heavily subscribed to,looked like it was short of competitors and seemed to lack the normal buzz.
The place began to empty by about 1.30pm.
I usually judge shows,by how much I have spent and how,excited I am about what I have seen.
This time,I spent more on food than figures, and I had nothing to talk about on the way back home.
5 out of 10,and that's probably attributable to Mark Dudley's game.
Take note Sheffield, get back to the old venue,and consider making the event one day,not two.

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  1. agree with you 100% Rob, the octagon had it's flaws but it did have a comfortable feeling, like visiting an old friend. We felt ripped off with the parking and paying a fiver to get in, yes it's a two day ticket but we were only going for the one day also the fat guy taking the money could have smiled while robbing us!!!
    We went to Partizan the week after, good games, ample trade and a nice venue- next year we'll give triples a miss and just do Newark.


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