Tuesday 22 February 2022

The Flemish contingent.

My latest efforts re the Burgundians. These will be my last pike unit for the army. [Foundry with Perry standard bearers] The standards are Flemish. Charles the Bold hired Flemish pike units but they proved ill disciplined and unreliable.One of my favourite ranges created by the Perries many years ago.

Halberd armed Burgundians. Usually consisting of dismounted coustilliers. Im not certain if these will be covered by Andy Callans latest edition of Never Mind the Billhooks, but I hope so. 

Finally, a Reaper Miniatures wizard. No Im not starting a fantasy army, he s just too nice a figure not to buy and paint him. I think it was his familiar perched on the spell book that did it. 


Wednesday 9 February 2022

John Tilson and Battleground.


Just a heads up, Ive posted a nice piece on John Tilson and the Battleground series on my Peter Gilder blog. The link is petergilderalifeinwargaming.blogspot.com 

Monday 7 February 2022

Vapnartak 2022

 So yesterday I made the trek South to York to attend one of the highlights of my wargaming show year, Vapnartak. 

Concerned that with it being the first show of a post Covid environment John, Neil and I set off early and got a decent parking space near the show and also a nice warm foyer to stand in.The organisers acknowledging that given its previous success had changed the format considerably. No middle floor hosting their famous tabletop sale. No wargames on the lower floors and the number or traders being reduced, although that may have been down to certain companies simply not wanting to attend. A shame really. Anyway I can say the show was well spaced out and although there were a lot of people it was all very civilised and easy to move around in.

 The dealers were spread over the extra floor space and the limited number of games consigned to the third and fourth floors.It worked really well to be honest, but then Im easily pleased and not one of those people nervous about Covid. Ive had my jabs and recognise thats as good as it will get. Being virtually first through the doors I didnt witness the long, long queue that stretched well over a hundred yards but when most had got into the place it didnt seem crowded to me at all.

Yes there was a couple of pinch points near some of the very popular traders but the majority were fine. I got the impression that it had been worthwhile for the trade to attend and I know Treefellas and Last Valley virtually sold out by lunchtime. The show was more about showing that wargaming was back and I think it was a message that was understood. 

In an effort to downsize I have wanted to move on all my 6mm Napoleonic armies but because of Covid it had been a non starter, but the York show allowed me to sell my French and Austrians. To be very honest it was surprisingly emotional but having given away all my 6mm terrain boards I just knew it was the right thing to do. It was like losing a very close friend.

  Napoleonic's had always been my first interest and I know I will never paint up new armies especially as they would have to be 28mm. I just need to shift my Russian, Prussian, Swedish etc armies to complete the downsizing. I also sold all my 54mm painted medieval's which was a real shame as I had invested a lot of effort in painting them, but again they hadnt been used and probably never would be.

I did do some buying naturally.I needed? some Perry Scots ECW cavalry and a unit of Foundry renaissance pike although the pricing still smarts. 

The show for me however was more about meeting wargamers I hadnt seen for some time, and also discussing/boring new wargaming chums with various tales.[all true] I also finally met John Tilson a wargamer who had known Peter Gilder well and had wargamed with him and had also taken part in the Battleground series with Duncan Macfarlane. I intend to write up the meeting for my Gilder tribute. John very kindly put up with my inane gibbering, although I did have to buy the teas. 

So how was the show? Well the time seemed to fly which is always a good sign. I know John and Neil had really enjoyed it and for me I just enjoyed the whole vibe. Toy soldiers, wargamers and some retail therapy what was not to like.   I did take some images of the games but I dont think I did them justice so can only apologise for not publishing them.


Just to show I have been painting, here are some images of some Reaper figures I painted to stand around my WOR and renaissance games.They were a pleasure to paint even though a tad expensive.My latest Burgundian units will be shown on my Borgia site.
On the way down to York we were talking about the increased costs of selling stuff on E Bay and how expensive postal charges have become due to Covid. For me this is an opportunity for all wargames show organisers to exploit a gap in the market. Bring back tabletop and bring and buy sales at the shows. I know a lot of shows stopped doing sales, but given how many wargamers are of a certain age and will want to downsize somewhat ie me, and how many know how costly E Bay has become there is a definite gap in the market. So I hope as the shows return then Bring and Buys follow.  

   POSTSCRIPT; I was asked if I could post a few images from the show, so I have, these are the only ones that were fairly decent and do the games some justice.
Firstly the Lance and Longbow Society with an old school affair which I liked for so many reasons.


Ive always thought 2mm wargaming was a great idea and I thought the execution of the terrain was very good.It was an ancient battle between the Romans and e British and very nice to.

The Grimsby Club always produce  a quality game and I thought their terrain was excellent.

Tuesday 1 February 2022

Something old, something new.

Ive been dabbling a bit with some new 3D figures, this fantasy figure is again from Sundred Miniatures and Ive painted her/him?? as a Burgundian standard bearer. The resin figure was a joy to paint and didnt need undercoating as the paint adhered straight away. The detail is very good and the only complaint was that I managed to snap the flagpole whilst painting it, hence it looks a bit funny on the model. Personally I was impressed by the detail and as a result I've purchased a unit of Gendarmes for my Burgundians. The figures I chose are the nearest to historical figures I could find and Im hoping they are as good as this single figure. On my Borgia blog I have a couple of newly completed Burgundian units as my little project trundles along.Interesting times for all wargamers.

And now for something totally different, some Lamming Assyrian cavalry.I bought a few old Lamming figures that needed a complete repaint and I must admit I did enjoy redoing these figures for my Persian ancient army.Probably not too historical but near enough to satisfy me. 

Bill Lamming produced some lovely figures with separate heads, weapons etc and I did like painting them back in the day, many moons ago. I especially liked his medievals and landsknechts, happy days and these brought back some happy memories.  
This weekend is the York Show which has been changed to cater for any would be outbreaks of Covid. I must admit its come around quickly, only a two year wait but its always a good show so hopefully I will buy somethings I dont need and bump into people who will be desperate to leg it when they see me.

I read an interesting piece in the latest Wargames Illustrated about the Historicon show in the USA re how numbers were down by 50% and some of the gamemasters didnt have any wargamers to take part in their games.Ive often wondered about this American phenomena where wargamers travel to shows to play in games all day and night for several days. I understand why it happened given the huge distances between wargamers but Ive often thought I wouldnt fancy wargaming until the early hours. I need my beauty sleep. What I always wondered was if this could continue given how two day wargames shows in the UK have virtually gone the journey and wargamers are leaving by 2pm usually. Its a big commitment to book a hotel for a very long weekend and than participate in a series of battles using new rules and fighting strangers. It seemed to work but now? What with the spectre of Covid and people still unsure of how safe they are. Maybe things will pick up again, I hope so.

My 6mm Napoleonic set up.

My 6mm Napoleonic set up.
Austria 1809.

Austrian Hussars

Austrian Hussars
Hinchliffe figures

Austrian Grenzer

Austrian Grenzer
Austrian Grenzer

Smoggycon 2013

Smoggycon 2013
Smoggycon 2013

Smoggycon 2012

Smoggycon 2012
Smoggycon 2012

Smoogycon 2009

Smoogycon 2009
My French getting another beating