Sunday 23 January 2022

Finally, the backlog is up to date.

I had quite a backlog of units that simply needed basing. I have now caught up with this backlog with the completion of these two Burgundian foot units. Charles the Bold in theory had a large number of hand-gunners as part of his ordinances but he clearly struggled to recruit the requisite number of hand-gunners and replaced them with pikemen.  These will be my only unit of gunners and are old Grenadier figures. Ive always liked the figures which I believe were sculpted by Copplestone, yes they look a bit fantastical but embody the look I want.

I bought a few old and stripped back long bowmen from Colonel Bill, Stuart nor me could recognise the company that originally made them but again I liked the look of them. I had to fill the unit out with a hodge podge of Citadel and Grenadier figures. They are probably the best dressed archers in the Burgundian army but hey ho.  
Now the hard part, painting up some extra cavalry units. I would ideally like to have three units of gendarmes with their coustillier supports but nothing is planned, it never is.


Friday 21 January 2022


As I stated in a previous post I sometimes need to switch painting subjects and do a couple of small bases. This is one of them which will stand about on my Burgundian set up.
The priest is an Antediluvian Miniatures figure [ I think] with a good old Copplestone Casting/ Grenadier knight

I finally based these boys up for the Burgundian army, more longbows and some bills.

Finally my Charles the Bold on foot, not my best work but I can see who he is meant to be as he searches frantically for a horse [ oops wrong character]

Last Sunday I attended a small tabletop affair in Gateshead.I havent been there for three!!! years. Aardhammer is an interesting way to spend a few quid as there is always some thing I want. So ignoring all the Games Workshop figures I bought a Dwarf artillery piece to join my Burgundian artillery park. It looked medieval and fitted the base Id prepared for an extra gun. Originally made by Awesome Fantasy Figures, but I think it works. 

I've resurrected my Borgia wargaming blog, so please check it out, the button is at the top of this page.It contains more images of this beautiful 3D printed artillery piece.

More Garrison Miniatures goodness.

Probably the best dressed Royalist unit that ever existed. I finished re doing the second Garrison regiment kindly 'given' to me by the vociferous John Coutts of Westerhope fame. I do like how they have turned out, yes totally unhistorical as regards the bright dress but I find they cheer me up no end although they will probably rout at the first sign of trouble.
So thanks again John for your generosity although I do keep looking over my shoulder in case you're there.

John also gave me some odd figures and I thought it churlish I didnt refurbish at least a couple of them.So another Royalist commander to grace the battlefield.


Friday 14 January 2022

A slight glitch in painting progress.

I'm behind in my completing units that I have painted but not based. For some strange reason I cant face basing units that stand ready to be finished. Usually when this happens I will select some odd figures and paint them, making up small bases, commanders etc.
I have managed to base a couple more pike units to make them up to four.My intention is to have three battles of foot with pike, longbow, crossbow and some bills or men at arms.Cavalry will be in a separate battle and should be crossbowmen, coustilliers and gendarmes [new ones naturally] 

In an attempt to spark my self up I painted up this large, 35mm wizardy type figure who will stand around giving advice. I finally realised many years ago I would never be able to compete with the likes of Graham Green, David Imrie and Kevin Dallimore etc so just attempt to make a fairly neat job of these one off's. It usually kicks me back into action.
The figure was one of four I picked up at Stockton show last year? I think he was a 3D figure and actually very nice to paint. I have just completed a full artillery piece and crew purchased from a 3D company. That has turned out very well.The future appears bright for the 3D figure producers.


Monday 3 January 2022

2021, a year to forget. My review.

I usually post a review, just before or slightly after the New Year's events. But I have been a bit busy, what with the actual New Year and then the clear up afterwards. Im not a great lover of New Year, but for some reason this year's was very enjoyable, yet civilised, ie I didnt have a bad head the next afternoon.
Anyway onto a review of 2021 which was one to forget if at all possible, and yet John and I did get in quite a few battles and also painted a few figures in periods we haven't wargamed for many years if at all. Looking back I wonder how I managed to stay sane but then a lot of individuals didnt.   

Normally I would highlight a wargames show which for me was the best one I had attended. Given the fact I only was able to attend three, I feel it would be churlish to award one an award when I enjoyed all three equally. Partizan had the best games with some excellent tables in various periods and scales. Fiasco in Leeds I enjoyed for the diverse trade and all round good crack. Battleground at Stockton I enjoyed because, well it was Battleground which I have always enjoyed.
As for figures, the ones Ive enjoyed painting the most have to be David Imrie's small medieval range for the Scottish Wars. Like his painting the actual figures are simply beautiful but also tell a story. I bought some for my Burgundian Army. Yes they are kitted out for an earlier period, but I needed some pavisse crossbowmen and wanted some of David's figures.So well done Claymore Miniatures. 

A very close second was the Kern figures from Antediluvian Miniatures.They sell some figures based on the Durer sketches and are superb. They are also perfectly sized to match my Perry Kern and fit on the correct sized bases. No over weight chaps here.

 Rulewise I have enjoyed using two sets. Never mind the Billhooks by Andy Callan and Test of Resolve, both for the Wars of the Roses. Two sets written by wargamers who know their stuff. Recomended.
Best product for use by wargamers? Warpainters random box of tufts available on E Bay. A snip at £15.00. The lunchbox sized container is full of different tufts, but all are usable and good quality.

As for resolutions. Im not a very good resolution keeper? but having realised how much metal Ive accrued this last year, I really need to either paint them or get rid. Its not really a resolution but definitely something that needs addressing. I intend to get to as many wargames shows as is humanly possible whilst not buying large numbers of figures. Is that possible? 
 So that's my 2021 review. Obviously there were other issues that could be discussed but I want to keep this light and optimistic.In my last post I highlighted what I believe is happening to wargaming, it probably isnt a bad thing but not to my personal taste. I enjoy board games but wargames for me need to be full of colour, lots of figures and tension.  
As I've stated, I've returned to the Burgundian Wars. In my original army I had a lot of the old Citadel range so naturally I wanted some.I refuse however to pay the current prices that Foundry have stuck on the range, so have been collecting the odd battered figure as and when I saw them. I have managed to scrape a full unit of archers together and finally re painted them. Yes they are in livery, but the figure cries out for some colour. It was a hell of a range back in the 1980's and has stood the test of time. 
                                               Shame about Foundry's pricing regime.
Given that Charles the Bold seemed to get caught regularly at a siege, one needs a few pieces of artillery. Again I wanted some of the old Citadel figures. These had seen a lot of action prior to me buying them, unfortunately I was forced to pay full price for the gun. Perhaps a little too modern for the Burgundian's, but still a decent model.

Another foot commander. Several years ago I picked up a number of armoured priests whilst at Claymore. Scale wise they were true 25mm so when based with the Copplestone figure he morphed into a young page. I like him and somehow it works. 

                              The units staged together. A colourful addition to my Burgundians. 


My 6mm Napoleonic set up.

My 6mm Napoleonic set up.
Austria 1809.

Austrian Hussars

Austrian Hussars
Hinchliffe figures

Austrian Grenzer

Austrian Grenzer
Austrian Grenzer

Smoggycon 2013

Smoggycon 2013
Smoggycon 2013

Smoggycon 2012

Smoggycon 2012
Smoggycon 2012

Smoogycon 2009

Smoogycon 2009
My French getting another beating