Thursday, 1 January 2015

Nostradamus 2015

I suppose it is usual to look back on the year that has just finished, to assess what if anything has been achieved in that time by me. But as I sit here in front of my PC listening to the gale howling outside I think personally it would be a bit more interesting if I reviewed 2014 from how war gaming from a purely subjective view was last year and how I see things going this year.
 So nailing my predictions and views firmly to the mast, here goes;
 It seems to me that the trend will continue with smaller ie. skirmish type games. By smaller I mean the actual number of figures used. It perfectly suits the manufacturers of Steam Punk, The Back of Beyond, Saga, Donnybrook etc. if this was to continue, and I suppose it makes sense to war gamers that they can buy, paint and play these games whilst spending less on the hobby.
 For war gamers who want big games I believe that 6mm and 10mm will continue to sell well, as will that old favourite 15mm.
 I can't see a let up in the release of new plastic ranges in the various scales, given the success and quality of the products on offer. Of course the the release of a range of 6mm plastic war games figures, which seems pretty logical to me, would be the ultimate heresy to some war gamers.
 However given the quality of the plastic figures currently on offer, if I had the money I would be sorely tempted to give the project a go, especially if a quality Napoleonic range could be created.
 Anyway period wise, I think it's a given that Napoleonics will be very popular this year, given that it is the anniversary of the 100 days campaign.
 I expect that some one will release a specific set of rules for the campaign,no doubt in a glossy format with lots of colour photographs of figures from the usual suspects. On thing for certain is that the rules will be in the £30- £40 range. Or is that just the cynic in me peeking out.
  Products wise, I hope the Perry twins will return to their European Wars range and fill in a couple of gaps, ie French mounted archers, some specific Spanish types both mounted and on foot, and an organ gun and crew.
 Having initially supported the Indegogo project for the landsnecht range from Pro Gloria, I cant wait for their release now that Warlord have taken the range over.
 Being from the hippie era, I worry about the growth of such companies, but by the same token I know that the company have the wherewithal to actually produce the range.
 A bit hypocritical of me I suppose.
 I would like to see less MDF buildings being released. I know they are practical, especially the ones that have ready printed features on them, but personally I just find them bland, and a tad smelly.
 I also think that their cost has been rising so their attraction is lessening even more.
  Wargames Magazine wise, I honestly think one of the big three will go the journey.
   Again this is only my personal opinion, but if Miniature Wargames doesn't sort itself out I think it will lose out. Saying that, I am not that impressed with the Wargames Illustrated overall, and feel that the company has backed itself into a corner which has led them to publishing a magazine that is frankly very predictable.[ Fur coat and no knickers springs to mind]  
     So those are my predictions for 2015, so really no change overall.
Hopes wise, I do hope that some enterprising person will attempt to re vamp the format of the wargames show and perhaps make the event more than just a trade affair. I have been wittering on about this for sometime and I honestly think that there is some mileage in making a show a bit more than what they are now.
 Lets be right there has been little to no change since the 1960's.
  No actually these shows offered more in some respects. Perhaps its time for a re think on how many shows are actually put on each year, but God knows how you could organise that, given the nature of wargamers.
               Now my list of 2014; [again only my opinion]
Best Wargames Show;  York 2014.
Best New Rules;  A bit of a cheat here, Black Powder Rebellion.
Best Wargames Book; A Military Gentleman by John Ray.
Worst Wargames Book; Mega Wargames by Ron Ringrose et al.
Best Wargames figures; Seven Years War French Fusiliers,  Black Hussar of Germany.
Most Improved range of wargames Products;  Wargames Factory
 Biggest Disappointment wargames wise of 2014, The none release of French Gendarmes by Pro Gloria.

So what does 2015 hold for me wargames wise. Well hopefully I will be well enough to enjoy Salute.
 I cant wait for Graham of Crann Tara fame releasing his Fitz James Horse.
 I hope to complete my Seven Years War armies, and finally say enough is enough.
 Aspiration wise, I would like to complete the sale of several armies that I no longer require, I would also like to rationalize my wargames terrain and shrink the number of boards I have by a lot, before the bedroom ceiling falls in.
 I would also like to re vamp my Waterloo terrain and stage the battle both at a show and as a game.
 Apart from that, just to be able to continue to participate in this wonderful hobby.



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  1. Some interesting predictions there Robbie! I agree with what you say regarding skirmish games, however they still have a place I suppose. But you can't beat a table full of figures to get the plums pumpin'! I'd also like to see the back of mdf buildings for the soul reason that they are crap! They look like a reduced sized dolls house!
    Wargame shows are more problematic. don't really know how the format can be sorted other than what you suggest but can't see it happening.
    Anyway, have a very healthy and productive year. (And better dice rolls!!!)


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